“Battle Routine Set” : Traverse Cyberspace Like Never Before on Nintendo Switch

Gather up all your battle-chips and prepare for a plethora of adventures within the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection set for release in 2023. Whether you’re feeling that call nostalgia or adventure these games are waiting for you, and all who seek a different style of Mega Man game.

Before you can commence your  journey through the cyber world with NetNavi in tow, “let’s go through the basics of virus busting” as quoted from the beginning of every battle network game, but in this case let’s make it more quick and fun so you can jump into the action or back into virus busting shape before a triumphant return. 

(I know I might need it)

Chips, Viruses, and Puzzles…Oh My!

The most important part of your arsenal in EVERY case is your trusty chip folders, holding up to 30 tools each at your disposal. From element based damage to pure utility, the chips you collect could make the difference between the destruction of the world as you knew it or the life you know, and living a while longer.

As you collect your chips and build up the best folder you can you’ll be met with ever challenging foes in the cyber world, from the humble mettuar (or mett if you watched the battle network anime) to the ferocious adaptability of various bosses you’ll come across, all coming down to your battle-chips and skills to determine your fate, and the fate of all you care about.

Among the various types of encounters you will face, the environment of the many areas that the net holds can be just as challenging, from the humble fetch quest to gathering pieces of data that can change the flow of the game and with 10 games in this collection you have many opportunities to obtain the most powerful Chips and programs the world has to offer.

Whatever the case may be, there is certainly something spectacular in the knowledge that a new generation of gamers can get to experience the entire battle network series and I hope that this will only bring a new era in the history of Mega Man as a franchise, so…from one virus buster to another.





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