Spike of Hype, DBS: Super Hero

In all the realms of the media, the anime genre has traveled through the screens of many, and many more TV screens, and movie screens. 

Along that journey, the still fledgling genre had a few gems which managed to establish a strong impact on the mainstream highway. Out of the many shows, movies, and OVA the one that paved the way forward to where we are now is the one, the only mystical adventure to expand to 12 whole universes. Dragonball surely will not only capture your attention but transform it into pure anticipation for what comes next. 

The latest movie Akira Toriyama has created in the Dragonball world is unlike any seen before. Dragonball super superhero is going to go even further beyond the hype and reach another level of excitement.

Without further delay, here are a couple of things to expect from this latest film.

The Focus for Gohan and Piccolo 

In a movie in the world of Dragonball many would figure that the focus would center around the usual duo of Son Goku and Vegeta but in this case the two saiyans are off world, this time around trying to surpass their limits training on the planet of Beerus with the company of Broly and his two friends from the Freiza force.

Meanwhile back on earth a long thought dissolved threat tries to make a comeback, under the nose of the world and its greatest defense, the Red ribbon army is on the precipice of executing the first stage of a grand plan with an unknown endgame.

With earth’s final line of defense off world, it’s up to Gohan and piccolo to discover and face this potential new threat. (Knowing the plot I cannot say much more without giving up juicy plot points since this film has not made its English dub release date and lots of people are going in blind so I will only talk about things shown in the trailer.)


With this being a Gohan and piccolo adventure the fan base has surely been speculating, theorizing, and expecting superb action with the tactical duo and this film will not disappoint. This Dragonball adventure is aimed at standing out from the usual dynamic of the most recent films and instead seeks to show the fans something that is not only wished for by many fans (especially over the past few years) but has grown welcome in the aftermath of the tournament of power, that being characters other than Goku and Vegeta getting the spotlight and getting not only stronger, but catch up and reach their own pinnacle of power.

Character growth is only achieved from a great challenge and for that the antagonists of the film while indirectly for lack of better words they more than fit the role they serve which brings us to…

Dr. Hedo and the Red Ribbon Remnants 

The Red ribbon army has returned from the shadows in hopes of gaining lost glory and influence. Under the leadership of a new but eerily similar acting face, Red ribbon recruits Dr. Hedo, the last living descendant of Dr. Gero to not only fast forward their goals but make the plan actually possible, meanwhile Dr Hedo thinks he is helping the world by making the ultimate superhero force to combat the “threats to earth” creating two androids by the names of GAMMA-1 and GAMMA-2 as well as a mysterious third creation unknown to any who hasn’t seen the movie’s original release in Japan and is planning to see the movie spoiler free. 

Now, all that can be said has been said in terms of descriptions but this was not the only thing you can find here, now, to wrap this up in a bow.

How will earth hand the absence of it’s greatest defense, how will Gohan and Piccolo handle this threat once it comes to the forefront? 

Find out all this and more next time….on Dragonball Super

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