The Cultural and Historical Bling; A Travel Guide to South of France

The South of France region is like the scene of a vintage film that presents the dazzling seas, glitzy beaches, yachts, pastel-coloured old towns, and resorts. It’s one of the best dreamy vacation spots in the world, which feeds the mind and soul rather than just a seaside escape. It’s an excellent sight for culture lovers as the South of France is the epicentre for art and cultural heritage. 

The proper travel guide is the only saviour in this Hollywood destination; otherwise, you would end up sitting in the car the whole day.

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  • Country: France
  • Country dialing code prefix: +33
  • Language: French, Occitan, German dialects.
  • Currency: Euro
  • Average temperature: 6°C

How to Visit Around?


The train is efficient and affordable for travel to southern France’s most distinct regions. The coastal regions have an extensive network of trains providing services to tourists. 


Buses are the best option if you want to explore rural areas. However, some lines of this transport do not look functional besides the season.

Local rider:

The ideal way to explore the South of France is to rent a car. You can also get the ride of a Vintage car by shelling out some more dollars.

Rent a Bicycles & Roller skates:

There are hundreds of bike shops from where you can get bicycles and roller skates for rent. I found it very interesting on my visit. 

Perfect Time to Visit

Due to the weatherly changes in the region, your plan should be between April to May and September to October. 

The seasons like July and August are peak times for celebrations, fairs, and festivals. However, there will be a rushed environment as most tourists come here in this prime time.

Here, we have ten important tips before leaving home to travel abroad.

Must Visit Places


Provence is the treasury world in the south of France for the culinary experience and the multidisciplinary cultural heritage. A great spot will await you to experience the seminars, exhibitions, auditoriums, galleries, and studios. 

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French Riviera:

The bobbing of the sailing boats on the balmy Mediterranean, enchanting shades of palm trees, and the immersive towns and resorts are all the wishes for a relaxing tour one could ask for. French Riveria has surrounded by fantastic travelling spots like GrasseMenton, Nice, and Frejus.

Source: River Bar Crowl


It is one of the masterpieces of French perfection. This region, Albi, is tagged as a superb and delicious wine spot along with the historical monuments and centres in the town.

Source: HotelsCombined


One of the most luxurious destination spots in the South of France for the holidays is Biarritz. One must be ready to visit this captivating beauty with some top dollars. The popular locations there include Grand Plage and Casino Barriere.

Source: Encyclopedia Briticannia


Lyon is a city with epic cuisine, stunning towns, quaint streets, and architecture. If photography and food is your favourite task in tourist places, then the city is here to welcome you with divine tasty food and picturesque places.

Source: Road Affair

Neighbourhood To Know:


A place where you will find the grand buildings of Roman history, grounds of olive and Franciscan. It’s one of the best exploring places for cultural and historical knowledge.

Source; Culture Trip

La Croisette:

The best boulevards and the real estate neighbourhood is La Croisette. The luxurious estate of the region welcomes the tourists with the grand film festival, palaces and hotels. Luxury and wealth are other names for this place.

Source: En-vols

The Panier:

You will see the museum on every street and corner in this area. It’s a district for the artists and a kind of open museum presenting the open history of its culture, region and traditions.

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Best Shopping Places

Nice Étoile:

It is the best place for shopaholics, offering luxurious and top shops on a mixed budget. I bet you; you shouldn’t waste time and check it out. 

Source: Travel Top 6

People’s Rag:

The exclusive brands are here to welcome travellers. The artisanal clothing brands and the classic items are so classy and fashionable. This mall is the place for fashionistas.

Source: Travel Top 6

Le Suquet in Cannes:

Le Suquet is one of the best places in the South of France for jams, handmade products, and food. If you are caught in any difficulty in searching the items, do check it out now. 

Source: Westend61

Metropole Shopping Mall:

Here’s another amazing mall for style and trend-conscious travelers. The mall’s interior is so classic, antique yet trendy such as floors, porters, and chandeliers. The boutique jewellery is here to welcome you with wide open arms. 

Source: MK Illumination

Best Restaurants You Must Visit:

Mirazur Restaurant, Menton

Mirazur is known as the best eateries alongside chick bay. This restaurant offers its guests delicious and epic Italian cuisine. Of course, you’ll love the amazing and relaxing ambiance.

Source: Black Tomato

L’ Envers du Décor,  Saint-Emilion

L’envers du Décor is a must-visit restaurant for wine lovers with cellars. The whole menu and cuisine are designed for the wine pairings because the restaurant is particularly known as a wine bar.

Source; TripAdvisor

L’Entrée Jardin, Cadillac

If we talk about this restaurant, it’s one of the places to discover French cuisine’s secrets. You can have the incredible classic dishes of French culture in a reasonable range which is quite surprising.

Source: Cirkwi

La Terrasse Rouge, Saint-Émilion

In La Terrasse Rough, you can enjoy the world’s famous spectacular wine here. The food serving is just amazing here. The grape juice with the foie gras is just the perfect combo. 

Source: VINIV Bordeaux

Best-In-Town Food:

Tarte Tropezienne

The town of French Riviera is recognised for its special dish and an indulgent treat for food lovers. However, it is sliced in half in the buttery brioche, surrounded by a vanilla patisserie and orange blossom.

Source: Culture Trip


The fougasse in the city of south of France, Provence, is just up to another level. The crispy crust on the flatbread in the Provence is stuffed with overflowed cheese, olives, and anchovies.

Source: Mediterranean Living


This dish needs an expert chef to get the real taste. It is an aioli sauce with smooth mixing of ingredients and served with garlic toast and salad.  

Source: The Spruce Eats

Where to Stay-In:

Château St. Pierre de Serjac:

The hotel includes a walking area, wildlife park, walking routes and entertainment. It is considered the wine ground in that region.

Source: Tourisome en Occitanie

Hotel Belles Rives:

One of the elegant, modern, cosy coastal residential hotels. This place is enriched with luxurious American art.


Les Bories:

The five-star accommodation with superlative spa, dining along the amazing hilltops. Luxurious Golf-club and massage facilities are there.

Source: TripAdvisor

Your Budget to Roam Around South of France

A tour to the South of France is amazing as well as expensive. The total average cost for the tour is $4,000 per person approximately. The accommodation ranges from $350-450 USD, and the beverages and cuisine cost around $650-800.

Final Words:

The tour of the South of France is enriched with heterogeneous art and full of natural scenic beauty and adventurous and luxurious spots for your holiday. Exploring and discovering is the only other synonym for the South of France. In this sparkling summer, the South of France is the dream destination.

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