6 Tips to Take Your Healthy Lifestyles Along with You While Traveling

6 Tips to Take Your Healthy Lifestyles Along with You While Traveling

6 Tips to Take Your Healthy Lifestyles Along with You While Traveling.

Do you enjoy going on vacations? Are you also on a fitness pursuit? Do you believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling is impossible? Do you want to take your healthy lifestyle along with you while traveling?

If your answer to the above-mentioned questions is “YES”, then you are surely a fitness freak who somehow misses your healthy lifestyle while traveling no matter what the purpose is – work or vacation. Hi! I am Roderick Harris, founder, and CEO of 456Lifestyles.com, and, in this guide, I am going to share some tips with you on how I maintain my regular lifestyle even while traveling. Managing your time properly is also something very important before and while you are traveling. I will share some tips too to sharpen your time-management skills

Train to Berlin, Germany. Photo by 456lifestyles.com

6 Tips to Take Your Healthy Lifestyles Along with You While Traveling

1. Don’t Forget to Take Your Headphones or EarPods

Music is an important part of our daily life. It has the ability to release dopamine and serotonin, which are both feel-good chemicals. When you are boarding a flight or traveling on a bus/train, your idle time can be passed by hearing some favorite song from your playlist. It will help you to overcome the stress of the journey and also boost your creativity.

If you listen to relaxing music while traveling, you will feel wonderful for no apparent reason when you get to your destination. Not only while boarding a plane but also you can listen to music at the time of drinking morning tea or coffee like your daily activity. So, why not bring your playlist and EarPods with you and turn it up!

(Personal note: In a year, I approximately spend 10,000 minutes listening to music so you can understand what music means to me.)

Verona MET Opera, Photo by 456lifestyles.com

2. Pack Your Gym Clothes

I assume you are an active person who always spends time doing regular exercises such as walking, running, or doing yoga and heavy exercise by going to the gym. But, why don’t you take your exercise clothes with you while going on a tour? You think you won’t have enough time for doing this. But, in this way, you are avoiding a healthy lifestyle you lead regularly.

I also used to do the same mistakes while traveling in the past. Eventually, I realized that I miss doing my regular exercises. But, as I didn’t bring my gym clothes there while traveling, I  couldn’t do it even after I get free time there. Since I started taking my gym clothes along with me on a trip, I never feel like missing something regular in my life. So, it is essential to pack your gym clothing when going to travel. To make working out a part of your trip, you must plan ahead. Bring your workout gear with you at all times.

3. Ready to Workout

In maximum cities, you will find free gyms, where you can go to take part in your regular workout. However, it is not mandatory to go to a gym for doing so. Walking, running, or swimming is the best exercise we can start doing anytime anywhere.

Although, managing time to have a walk or run is not something very easy especially when you are out on a business trip. You must plan ahead on how to manage your time for doing exercises and also not getting late for the work. You must get up early in the morning to beat the crowds at the gym or on road for walking or running easily and have more time to relax before your day starts. A decent workout may be a fantastic stress reliever even on the busiest of travels. So, don’t order another round of drinks at the bar. Also, don’t stay up all night watching TV.

(Personal note: I walk and run at least 5 miles per day both on the street and treadmill even while I am traveling.)

4. Keep Time-Management Your Best Friend

Time management is significant to maximize your time while traveling. It is feasible to make your time work for you during a long journey, a vacation, or even when planning for the tour itself. It should be started at the start of your trip such as reaching the airport on time to report the immigration. Sometimes, we miss the reporting time because of outside factors such as traffic jams, road strikes, etc.

And, sometimes we miss it due to our personal habits such as not getting up early or planning the trip from home to the airport. To avoid the latter one, you should get used to not staying up late at night or waking up early in the morning some days before your departure. Also, it is necessary to pack your bags the day before your flight to not get late or not leave something important because of rush packing.

(Personal note: I once missed my flight from Paris to New York due to reaching one hour late after the reporting time. Even though the plane was still on board, they made me buy a new ticket on the next schedule. So, be attentive and reach the airport on time no matter what!)

5. Rent An Airbnb Accommodation

If you are bored of living in a hotel and want to stay in a home-like environment, you have the option to rent an Airbnb apartment. Airbnb apartments are comparatively cheaper than hotel rooms which is the most important economical factor a traveler can think of. Apart from its economical flexibility, Airbnb also provides you the chance to live in a neighborhood where you can meet people belonging to different cultures. It is hardly possible to socialize while living in a hotel room where a simple knock on the door may offend others living beside your room.

However, if you choose to book your trip stay through Airbnb, you need to be careful and cautious while selecting a location. Always check the reviews left by the past travelers who stay in the room you are looking at. It is important to get acquainted with your host which can be beneficial throughout your stay. Your host can give you an overview of the nearby restaurants or bars where you will find good quality products at a cheaper price. He also can give you access to the apartment laundry or maid service.

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6. Shop At the Airport or Sit at The Cigar Lounge

Airports are the places where people from different countries come by. To attract people from diverse cultural backgrounds, the duty-free shops of the airports often sell daily life or antique things at a cheap price. So, must pay a visit to the shops if you have a hobby to buy or collect things.

Some airports have Cigar lounges where you can go if you are a chain smoker. At some places, you can pay them to roll a cigar on spot for you. Perhaps, you can go for getting a haircut or a shave to try the specific fashion of that city or country.

(Personal note: I was once hit by a duty-free shop in a French airport, where they sell cigarettes at a very cheap rate. I do not encourage you to smoke though!)

By following these above-mentioned tips, you can follow and maintain your healthy lifestyle while in a foreign location.

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