10 Important Tips to Consider Before Traveling Abroad

Tips to Consider Before Traveling Abroad
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Tips to Consider Before Traveling Abroad

Traveling is an essential element of life since it is the finest method to unwind from a hectic routine. It is much more than just exploring new locations and capturing photos. It is an investment in oneself that delivers fresh ideas and insights. Traveling is said to be “nourishment for the soul.” We can hardly find someone who doesn’t like to travel.

I am Roderick Harris, and like many of you, traveling is my passion too. I have already visited 17 countries and over 200 cities. Along the way, I’ve picked up a few useful travel tips for newbie travelers. Let’s check some real-life tips to consider before traveling abroad.

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1. Check the Validity and Keep Copies of Your Passport and Visa

Check the rules regarding passport expiration in your destination country. There are some countries that want at least six months left on your passport from the day you want to leave. Make some copies of your passport photo page and visa page, as well as any other important travel documents. Take a copy of each document with you and also store the soft copies on your email or drive so that you can access them in case your passport is lost or stolen.

2. Covid Tests, Entrance Form, and Health Form

Before you travel, check the CDC‘s (Centre for Disease Control) website to see what health precautions you should take in the country you’ll be visiting. You may need to get your PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test report for COVID-19, 24 hours before boarding the plane.

Some countries, such as Turkey and Israel, even need an entrance form to be filled out by the traveler prior to 72 hours of boarding the plane. If you have any medical condition and need to carry prescribed medications, you have to fill out a health form and have it authorized by the doctor. You may have to pay for these forms and tests.

3. Check Information on How to Go to Your Destination from The Airport

If you are new to a country, there are always some people who want to take advantage of this situation. Research on how to go to your travel destination or hotel and how much cost does it take, so that no one can take extra money from you as well as lure you to the wrong place.

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4. Carry Both Cash and Dual Currency Credit Cards

Carrying a lot of cash is not something travelers do nowadays. Instead, take dual currency international credit cards along with you and spend money with them in almost any sector, such as restaurants, shopping malls, and transport. You will find ATM booths for withdrawing money from your cards all the time. But, don’t forget that there must be some places where card payments are not accepted. Hence, take some cash in local currency with you.

5. Make Sure the Availability of Your Money Overseas

Sometimes, when you use your credit or debit cards to withdraw money or make payments from any other country, your banking system will block it, suspecting fraudulent activities or scams. As a result, make sure to notify them before traveling outside of your country. Also, many banks have switched to cards with more secure chips where the old magnetic-strip cards don’t work. So, make sure you have universal and up-to-date cards with you.

6. Don’t Carry All of Your Cards and Passport Outside

Tourist spots are always full of thieves and pickpockets looking for chances to steal your wallets and money. Therefore, leave your passport, some cash, and at least one credit or debit card at the hotel so that you don’t face much trouble if your wallet is stolen or lost.

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7. Compare Transportation and Accommodation Alternatives to Save Money

While flying is required for most overseas travel, consider additional choices such as buses or trains for traveling to your destination, which will let you save a lot of money. Consider your alternatives before making a reservation for accommodation. While hotels are usually a fantastic choice, don’t forget to look into hostels, guesthouses, and Airbnb accommodations. These will allow you to meet other visitors and locals as well as cost less than a hotel for tourists.

8. Be Careful While Traveling with Ride-Sharing Services and Taxis

Although taking public transportation, such as buses or trains, is far safer and more cost-effective than taking a taxi. However, sometimes you have to take private transport. You can consider hiring a vehicle from a ride-sharing company such as Uber or Ola so that you can check the fare before starting the ride and also be safe. If you have to take a taxi, then choose one with the meter or negotiate well before hopping on.

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9. Use Google Map to Navigate Your Way

Don’t forget to be blessed by technology. With a phone in your hand, you are less prone to being lost or taking the wrong route by using Google Maps. By using Google maps, you can also get to know the distance between your current location and your destination and how much time it will take to go there. Additionally, you can track your location while sitting in a vehicle to find out if the driver is taking you to the right place.

10. Use Some Paid Apps Along with Google Translate to Overcome the Language Barrier

Each country, except English-speaking ones, has its own language, and not everyone will understand English. Google Translate can be used to convert your language to the target language and let people understand. Also, you can take images of the writings in other languages, which will be automatically converted to English through Google Translate. This is a free-of-charge solution for conquering the language barrier.

However, if you want to blend in with the local people of the country you are traveling to, you must learn the basics of their languages through some paid apps. For instance, I have used Rosetta Stone to learn German and I am currently using Mondly to learn Hebrew as I am visiting Israel right now.

Traveling will give you a sense of adventure while venturing into the unknown when you leave your comfortable surroundings and everyday routines. Follow these above-mentioned tips to have a pleasant experience on your journey. You can find more helpful posts like this on 456Lifestyles.

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Tips to Consider Before Traveling Abroad

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