Marvel Contest of Champions: Let’s Assemble the Superheroes Once Again

Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions

Gaming is a fun pastime with numerous advantages. It can be used for amusement, socializing, and connecting with people, or as an instructional resource. According to a study conducted by the University of Rochester, playing video games can help with memory, mental concentration, and problem-solving abilities. Games can also provide an escape from reality for people suffering from mental health difficulties such as psychological distress.

A myth was that video games are only made for children, which is falsely substantiated by old kids like me, who play games whenever they get time. I am Roderick Harris, founder, and CEO of 456 Lifestyles, and I also play games after I come home tired to relax my mind. Today, I am going to share my experiences with a game called Marvel Contest of Champions, which I have been playing for nearly 5 years.

About the Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is a free-to-play PvE combat video game, developed and published by Kabam Games Inc., and released in 2014. It was published for iOS and Android on December 10, 2014. The game is heavily modeled on the storyline of the Marvel comic series “Contest of Champions.”

The game is immensely popular, and its large audience hasn’t dwindled. This is mostly due to its frequent updates and modifications. Every month, two new champions are introduced by the creators. Besides, new tasks and conflicts are launched on a regular basis. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge storyline to depict the ups and downs of so many famous characters. The plot for this game, on the other hand, appears to be little more than an excuse to pit superheroes against supervillains.

Gameplay Overview

Contest of Champions is a 2D fighting game with typical but deep gameplay. When you first begin the game, you will be greeted with a brief scene of pictures that describe the circumstances that led you to this champions’ contest. In the next scene, the Collector will charge you with assembling a squad of characters and champions, and you will be in the role of a standard summoner. After that, you’ll be taken to the crystal vault, where you’ll receive your first hero. However, the first hero assigned to you will be selected by a roulette randomly.

In Story mode, different scenarios are grouped into Acts and Chapters. You can choose several distinct ways, each with a specific set of enemies and achievements through each chapter. “Event Quests” (daily quests that give you more rewards than others are known as “Event Quests”) and “Versus” are two other single-player modes available. You can compete in virtual battles while in Versus mode. Moreover, you can play in Arena mode indefinitely without having to worry about the quest meter filling up.

In multiplayer mode, you select a team of three heroes and engage in battle with another team. Alliance mode is best for playing with companions. Alliances are groups of people who can aid one another in need and go on quests together. You can earn loyalty points by helping your friends, which you can then use to buy Alliance crystals that enable you to level up your character. Joining an alliance, which gives you access to more tasks and events, is the simplest way to make the most of your time with the Marvel Contest of Champions.

Touch Controls

On one of the many stages that act as a background, you and your opponent face off. Then you will attack each other with mild, medium, and heavy strokes until one of you passes away. These are accomplished by tapping, swiping, and holding down.

Light attacks are triggered by simply tapping anywhere on the screen, while medium attacks are triggered by swiping in front of the character.

A heavy attack is performed by tapping and holding in front of your character for a short time, which enables the character to break down obstacles.

Incoming strikes will be blocked if you tap anywhere behind your character.

Your character will sprint forward or backward when you swipe the screen toward or away from the enemy.

Strong Points of This Game

  • Over 170 characters from all comic books and movies
  • Existing characters can be upgraded, and new characters can be easily claimed.
  • 6 classes of characters: Skill, Mystic, Cosmic, Science, Mutant, and Tech
  • Icons to conveniently identify stronger and weaker classes
  • Detailed character development, a variety of modes, and stunning sceneries
  • Smooth and easy controls with fast-pacing battles

Weak Points of This Game

  • Long waiting time to heal and replenish characters
  • Comparatively low gameplay on Android compared to iOS
  • Alliance quests are time-consuming
  • Randomly chosen champions which will sometimes not give you the chance to play with your favorite characters

Overall, the pros of Marvel Contest of Champions easily surpass the cons of this game. I am personally a fanboy of this game, and it is reflected in my profile. You can see my summoner level is 60, which is the highest level in this game. Also, my total base hero rating is 2.1 million and my prestige is well over 10,000.

Want to play with me? You can find me by searching for my USSIN, which is Rth245. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s connect with each other and have an extraordinary gaming experience with the Marvel Contest of Champions.

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